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  • The secrets to running a successful Dropshipping business. A complete strategy guide with up to date policy changes, growth hacks, and tax laws.

  • Get access to exclusive content. This includes our top 10 secret suppliers list, pre-made Dropshipping spreadsheets, and access to our Private Members Facebook Group.

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Meet Your Instructor

Tom Cormier,

E-Commerce Entrepreneur

My Story

I left my job as a Chemical Engineer to pursue dropshipping full-time and I haven't looked back! I specialize in online arbitrage, primarily using eBay as a sales platform.


In just the first full year alone, I sold over $1.4 million on eBay. Currently, I sell over $200,000 a month in between my three stores and it is only getting better! Dropshipping doesn't have to be a complicated endeavor but it needs to be treated like a business. I am a firm believer that anyone can succeed with this business model with minimal barrier to entry when they have the right mentor!


My goal is to create the most in-depth and well explained course on eBay dropshipping. Nothing will be watered down and I strive to make videos as concise and well explained as possible. There is a ton of misinformation in this industry and I want to break that cycle in order to give you the best chance at success and financial freedom.

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  • Modules 1-2:

    Introduction to Manual eBay Dropshipping

    • Lesson 1.1- Welcome to DSU!
    • Lesson 1.2- Course Introduction And Private Members Facebook Group
    • Lesson 2.1- Why To Start Manual eBay Dropshipping In 2019
    • Lesson 2.2- Manual Dropshipping Best Practices
    • Lesson 2.3- Frequently Asked Manual Questions
    • Lesson 2.4- Is Your eBay Account Flagged?
    • Lesson 2.5- Starting A Brand New eBay Account
    • Lesson 2.6- Site Preferences Walk-Through
    • Lesson 2.7- Setting Up Business Policies 
    • Lesson 2.8- Avoiding Restrictions (MC011)
    • Lesson 2.9- Verifying Your Account
  • Modules 3-4:

    Sourcing Highly Profitable Items

    • Lesson 3.1- Our Top 10 Recommended Suppliers List
    • Lesson 3.2- Finding And Vetting Out Unique Suppliers
    • Lesson 3.3- Matching Up Business Policies With Your Source
    • Lesson 4.1- Using Our Formatted Course Google Sheets (Templates)
    • Lesson 4.2- Manual Sourcing Google Sheet Breakdown
    • Lesson 4.3- Identifying Other Re-Sellers
    • Lesson 4.4- Manual Item Research
    • Lesson 4.5- Competitor Research And Sniping
    • Lesson 4.6- Advanced Competitor Research 
    • Lesson 4.7- Calculating Your Profit
  • Modules 5-6:

    Listing & Inventory Management 

    • Lesson 5.1- Manually Listing Your 1st Item
    • Lesson 5.2- Manually Repricing And Stock Monitoring 
    • Lesson 5.3- Repricing And Stock Software
    • Lesson 5.4- Repricing A Single Item Without API
    • Lesson 5.5- Listing And Repricing Streamlined
    • Lesson 5.6- Listing Items Quickly Without API
    • Lesson 5.7- Creating Listing Templates Within eBay
    • Lesson 6.1- Understanding Title Optimization
    • Lesson 6.2- Tools To Help Optimize Titles
    • Lesson 6.3- How To Get More Traction On Listings

Modules 7-8: Processing Sales & Customer Service

Modules 9-10: Feedback & Organization

Modules 11-12: Maximizing Margins & Tax Exemption  

Modules 13-14: Advanced Topics

See What Our Students Are Saying

It is by far the best eBay course on the market. After enrolling, I was able to take my eBay business to the next level- achieving over $80,000 in sales and over $4,000 profit monthly. Without this course I would still be trying to figure out how to properly scale my business. I am glad I bought the course  because it has multiplied my profit tenfold. Highly recommend.

Brian Williams

Student | $80,000 Sales Monthly

"I was having some success Dropshipping on eBay until my main supplier changed their shipping policies and set me back to square one. I initially got private coaching from Tom and eventually I bought the course. I couldn't be happier with my investment. This course makes everything so easy to understand! Looking forward to scaling this business and quitting my job in the near future."


Student | $40,000 Sales Monthly​

Josh Eakins

Student | $1,500 Sales Monthly​

Tom's course is by far the best course I've taken. I struggled getting traction with the other courses. They all seemed to be missing something. Tom's course not only covered everything, but it was straight and to the point with no filler. Within 3 weeks of implementing his teachings, I quadrupled my sales. He has always been there to answer any questions too. I could not be happier with this investment.

Anthony Estrella

Student | $15,000 Sales Monthly​

This course is the best investment I've made in a long time. For a while, I was hesitant about buying a course but I decided on Dropshipping University and couldn’t be happier. Sales are up 450% since I have implemented the course teachings. If you are looking for an honest course from people who truly care about the DS community, then you should make the investment!

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* Course refunds only valid for students who have watched less than 20% of the curriculum.


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Got Questions About Enrollment?